Directional Amplifier
This is the perfect solution for providing a wireless improvement in the cellular reception of a home, office, restaurant, VIP Room, apartment, building or shopping mall, in the quickest time possibly. It covers 50 to 2500 square meters.
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1. Streamline shape.

2. Wide band repeater to support signals of all operators.

3. High-integration (One board to contain low-noise amplifier, frequency selection module, power amplifier module, both uplink and downlink one for all).

4. Manual gain control provides a variety of applications.

5. Auto automatic gain control to stabilize the coverage and minimize the noises.

6. Auto shut off function as final step to avoid severe interference with mobile network (not available for some models).

Electrical specification   Uplink  Downlink
Frequency Range LTE800  832 ~862 MHz  791 ~821 MHz
EGSM 880 ~ 915 MHz   925~ 960 MHz
DCS 1710 ~ 1785 MHz  1805 ~ 1880 MHz
WCDMA 1920 ~ 1980 MHz   2110 ~ 2170 MHz
LTE2600 2500 ~ 2570 MHz 2620 ~ 2690 MHz

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