Power amplifier VHF PA-85V
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PA-85V is linear amplifier designed for VHF band applications.

Special function: 

  • Turning amplifier on and off
  • Changing power level
  • Turning SSB mode on/off
  • Measuring VSWR
  • Error signalling 

Power amplifier

Parameter Min. Typ. Max.  Remarks
Frequency  range 138 MHz  174 MHz
Maximum  output power 80Watt  85Watt  90Watt  ALC limited
Input power  range 1 Watt  7 Watt  Between carrier detect and  overdrive thresholds
Input power for  full output 3 Watt  5 Watt  Frequency dependent
Bypass power 50 Watt
Harmonics  suppression 65dBc
Modulation AM, FM, SSB
Circuit type Twin MOSFET, PUSH-PULL

Receiver preamplifier

In-band gain  18dB  21dB  24dB  138 MHz - 174 MHz
Out-of-band gain 19dB  @ 108 MHz
8 dB  @ 88 MHz
-50 dB  @ 30 MHz
Noise figure 2.4 dB 3 dB


DC supply voltage 10.5 V  12.6 V  14.8 V  Operation at low end of range
may not yield specified maximum power
Transmit supply current 10 A  13 A  Transmitting at maximum power.
Frequency dependent.
Standby supply current 20 mA  All functions OFF
35 mA  TX PA enabled
80 mA  RX LNA enabled
88 mA  TX PA and RX LNA enabled
RF connector  UHF (SO-239)
Weight  1.15 kG
Dimensions  H=50mm, W=125mm, L=210mm

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