RPT-06 Repeater
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Simplex or two frequency duplex operation

EEPROM programmable with a PC computer

Single channel and 99 channel versions available

Full dot matrix liquid crystal display

All FM frequency bands from 30 to 520 MHz

Front facing speaker

Transmit time limiter to prevent channel jamming

TX and RX encryption

Two channel scanning modes

5 tone encoder & decoder plus DTMF encoder & decoder

22, 26 or 35MHz switching bandwidth (model dependant)

Up to 99 channels with channel labels

Two-stage front end allows mixed simplex and duplex operation

Channel selectable wide or narrow channel spacing

CTCSS/DCS on a per channel basis

5x4 Keypad for channel change etc

2RU equipment cabinet

Step-up VCO voltage for superior selectivity

Low stand-by current is ideal for solar installations

Watch dog timer


Frequency Range

30MHz Band Model

80MHz Band Model

150MHz Band Model

200MHz Band Model

400MHz Band Model

A Band: 29.5-35MHz

B Band: 35-42MHz

C Band: 42-50MHz

A Band: 66-78MHz

B Band: 74-88MHz

A Band: 136-156MHz

B Band: 150-174MHz

A Band: 176-204MHz

B Band: 200-230MHz

C Band: 225-255MHz

D Band: 250-280MHz

SA band: 300-335MHz

A band: 335-370MHz

B band: 365-400MHz

C band: 400-435MHz

DS band: 420-455MHz

D band: 440-475MHz

E band: 465-500MHz

F band: 485-520MHz

Number of Channel

99 Channels with name

Channel Spacing

12.5/20/25/30 KHz programmable

Operation Mode

Simplex/Semi duplex/Full duplex

Antenna Impedance

50 Ohm unbalanced

Power supply and

Power consumption

13.6V DC, negative ground only 12 amp or less

Environmental Conditions

Ambient temperature -30to +60

Relative humidity     95% AT +35%

Dimensions and Weight

(Main transceiver unit)

462mm width

88mm height

360mm depth

11kg weight


RF Power Output

50 watts/ 25 watts

Max. Frequency Deviation

Wide band: ±5 KHz     Narrow band: ±2.5 KHz

Frequency Stability

±1 KHz or less

Frequency Response

Within +1, -3dB of 6 dB/ octave pre-emphasis from 0.3 to 3 KHz, 1 KHz reference

Signal to Noise Ratio

Wide band: More than 50dB @ 1 KHz 70% modulation

Narrow band: More than 45dB @ 1 KHz 70% modulation

Modulation Distortion

Less than 3% @ 1 KHz 70% modulation

Spurious & Harmonics

0.25μW or less


Intermediate Frequency

1st F21.6 MHz

1st F48.5 MHz   2nd F455 KHz

Frequency Stability

±1 KHz or less


Less than 0.4μV for 20 dB Noise quieting

Less than 0.3μV for 12 dB SINAD

Squelch Sensitivity

Less than 0.25μV


More than 70 dB @ 25 KHz point


More than 90 dB


More than 70 dB

Spurious Response

More than 70 dB

AF Response

“Within +1, -3 dB of 6 dB/octave de-emphasis from 0.3 to 3 KHz, 1 KHz reference”

AF Distortion

Less than 5% @ 1 KHz 70% modulation

Signal to Distortion

Wide Band: More than 50 dB @ 1 KHz 70% modulation

Narrow Band: More than 45 dB @ 1 KHz 70% modulation

Standard Inclusions:

RPT-06 transceiver

DC supply plug

Operators manual

Fist microphone with hunger

Spare fuse

Rubber feet

Optional Accessories:

AC supply


Hot-std-by automatic changeover

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